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This is an Online Comedy 'Radio' Station. All the comedy is funny.  In time we'll replace the well established comics on this station with lesser known performers. If you are or if you know of someone that would fit well on PoCreations.COMedy please email SPo.  


 Playlist for PoCreations. COMedy

Paul Mooney (click for biography) - OJ 
Robert Klein - The Borscht Belt 

Rick Shapiro
- Whitey Politey mp3
Jackie Mason - The Boss 

Mitch Hedberg - Koala Bears
Richard Pryor - Mudbone - Little Feets
John Byner - Ed Sullivan Firing Jackie Mason 
Jackie Mason - Have a Drink mp3

2000 Year Old Man
- See Moses Run 
Richard Belzer - Bob Dylan's Bar Mitzvah 
Bush Political Temperature 
James Carville - Angry Republicans mp3

George Carlin
- New York Voices mp3
Harry Shearer - Where's The Money Pat 

Bill Hicks
- The News 
Rick Shapiro - Riffing mp3
Chris Rock - Niggas vs Black People 
A Confederacy of Dunces - by John Kennedy Toole - CD
Bill Hicks - Rush Limbaugh 
Chris Rock - Tossed Salad 

Richard Pryor
- When Your Woman Leaves 
Steve Martin - One Way to Leave Your Lover 
Richard Pryor - Better to Cum Than Kill 
Mr. Paul Mooney - James Brown 
Rick Shapiro - Eating Pussy 

Richard Pryor - Cocaine 
Ronald & Nancy Reagan - Drug Talk 
Bill Hicks - Booze vs Pot 
Richard Pryor - MS 
Rick Shapiro - Pick Up My Eye 
Woody Allen - NYU mp3

The Onion
- Secret Decoder Ring 
Bill Hicks - Waco 
Richard Pryor - God 

Lenny Bruce
- Christ and Moses 
Rick Shapiro - God's An Idiot mp3
Richard Belzer - Late Night Preachers 

George Carlin
- There Is No God 
Orin Hatch and All the Swear Words 
Bill Hicks - You re Children Aren t Special 
Richard Pryor - I Remember Being Born 

2000 Year Old Man
- The Truth 
Woody Allen - Oral Contraception 
Graham Chapman - Your Majesty is a Dose of Clap 
Jackie Mason - Jews in Restaurants 
Linda McCartney - Hey Jude 
George Carlin - Abortion mp3
David Sedaris - You Can't Kill the Rooster 
David Sedaris - Santaland Diaries
David Sedaris - Front Row Center...

John Cleese and Jonathan Lynn - The Penultimate Supper 
Jackie Mason - Too Jewish mp3
Richard Pryor - One Night Stands 
Eddie Murphy - Richard Pryor 
Eddie Murphy - Bill Cosby mp3
GOP Primary Debate - Hatch Anti Bad Language 
Albert Brooks - Pardon My Boner 
Al Franken - Al Gore and the Rain Forest 

The Onion
- Actual Recording Of The First Moon Walk 
Tenacious D - Star Trek 
Bill Murray - Star Wars 
Richard Belzer - Ronald Reagan in Outer Space 

Rick Shapiro
Lenny Bruce - Humorous Cat 
Paul Mooney - Betsy Ross mp3
Woody Allen - Down South 
Jackie Mason - Jewish Husband 
Paul Mooney - Gump 
Graham Chapman - Oscar Wilde and the Prince of Whales 

Lenny Bruce
- He Drowned mp3
George Carlin - Sanctity of Life 
Monty Python - Bring Out Your Dead 
Jackie Mason - Directions 

2000 Year Old Man
- Fuck You 
Richard Pryor - Interview For Stir Crazy 
Paul Mooney - Hollywood Hates White Women 
Rick Shapiro - Whitney Houston 
Robert Klein - Our Heroes mp3
Chris Rock - Marion Barry 
Bill Hicks - Great Times On Drugs 
Monty Python - String mp3
Woody Allen - The Vodka Ad 
Bill Hicks - Artistic Roll Call 
Bill Hicks - Orange Drink 
Paul Mooney - Hammer mp3

Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner
- Wives and Famous Women 
Woody Allen - Private Life 
Paul Mooney - Woody Allen mp3
Woody Allen - Love Story 
Paul Mooney - Ricky Nelson 
Paul Mooney - Woody Allen 2 
Sam Kinison - Lesbians Are Our Friends 
Lenny Bruce - Mothers Never Know 
GOP Debate - Bigger than Mine 

Rick Shapiro
- Wild World 
Paul Mooney - The Boogie Man 
Richard Pryor - Goodnight Kiss 
Rick Shapiro - Sucking Ass 
Bill Hicks - Blowjobs mp3
Mr. Paul - Mooney Bobbit 

The Onion - Recording Of The First Moon Walk 
Paul Mooney - History Lesson 
Mr. Paul Mooney - Oprah mp3
Rosanne Barr - Arsenio Hall 
Mr. Paul Mooney - Rosanne and Oprah 
Harry Shearer - Your Brain On Drugs 
Bill Hicks - Why is Pot Against the Law?
Ronald and Nancy Reagan - Drug Talk 
BJ Clinton - Democratic Convention 
Bill Hicks - Jesse Helms
Rick Shapiro - Sucking Dick For Heroin 
Robert Schimmel - AOL mp3
Woody Allen - My Grandfater 

Lenny Bruce
- Twisto Pervert, Your Uncle 
Bill Hicks - Monkey Boy 
Rick Shapiro - Wilderness of Shit Heads 
Bill Murray - Golfing 
Rick Shapiro - Special Education 
Chris Farley is Matt Foley - SNL

Dave Chapelle - Cartoons mp3
Norm MacDonald - MTV Beach House
David Spade - T-Shirt
Denis Leary - Dan Fogelberg
Woody Allen - Second Marriage 
Frank Sinatra - Satisfy Me One More Time get lyrics
Bob Newhart - Typing Monkeys
Monty Python - Wide World of Novel Writing 
John Lennon - Yesterday
Hillary Clinton Song on WABC 
Richard Belzer - Belz Meets The Press 
Hillary's Fat Rear End 
Brooklyn Voters 


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