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"The Funniest Man in America"
- Cups Magazine

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Comic is subject of serious story
Published 03/27/2006 in Crain's New York Business
Underground comic Rick Shapiro could be heading for more than 15 minutes of fame--courtesy of an HBO sitcom debuting in June and a book that acclaimed author Adrian Nicole LeBlanc is planning to write. Publishers began bidding last week on Ms. LeBlanc's proposal for Give It Up, which would focus on Mr. Shapiro, who has gained a cult following in recent years.

Sounds like equal parts Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor and Lou Reed. Shapiro is currently New York City's most lurid funnyman - A real star.


"...Poised for the big leagues...searingly honest, the most transgressive comedian in America today....He's the toast of New York's Lower East Side underground scene"
- Penthouse Magazine
Larry "Ratso" Sloman
"Downtown New York provocateur Rick Shapiro debuts with an CD of hard-edged, uncompromising stand-up comedy. As far from the mainstream as it is, "Unconditional Love" still manages to speak universal truths and expose many of our follies."
- Billboard
"...an explosive comedic talent, a sort of punk-rock, white Richard Pryor with a literary bent, part Iggy Pop, part Philip Roth."

- New York Observer
Ryan Blitstein

"His pointed observations on pop culture are pure brilliance" 

- TimeOut New York
"Rick Shapiro is a top comedian."

- Howard Stern
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"Dubbed the 'James Joyce of Stand-up' because of his brilliant stream-of-consciousness comedy, Rick Shapiro is a walking, talking op-ed page, spewing forth wit, grit, and the real shit. If you like comics who take risks, you're gonna love this guy."

- Paper Magazine

"Rick Shapiro is bound for glory. He delivers an onslaught of ideas at breakneck pace that will leave your synapses spinning"

- The Toronto Star

"A surly quick-witted monologist - Aggressive, Manic, Brilliant!"

- Icon Magazine

"A frenzied, fanatically hilarious stage rant that borders on miraculous"

- Now Magazine

"The funniest, scariest, most verbally gifted human I have ever seen."

- The Daily Glyph
Dave Pentecost

"NY's greatest underground comic."

- Bowery Poetry Club

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