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Rick's First Appearance on the Howard Stern Show 10/13/2004


Comedian Rick Shapiro came in to hang out during the news. Howard said the guy used to be a male prostitute years ago when he was on a lot of drugs. Rick told Howard he was on heroin back then and didn't remember how he got into that stuff. He claims that he never had sex with guys when he was a male prostitute. Howard wondered how he gets into something like that if he's a straight guy. Rick was  dishwashing at some place and he was trying to take acting lessons. He didn't have any money so he stopped in at this restaurant Rounds because he liked what they had on the menu. He was getting ready to leave and asked for the check. The waiter told him that the bill was paid for and asked for his hand. He then noticed that there were no girls in the restaurant. The guy brought him over to two queens and they offered to buy him a drink. He got drunk and they asked him if he wanted to go back to their place with them. He left after that but tried to get free meals by doing stuff like that after. He would have guys follow him around buying him dinners and stuff.

Rick said that he was doing stuff like that for pretty small amounts of money. He's not proud of that stuff especially now that he's talking about it on Howard's show. Rick says that he had a set up with a service that would hook him up with women who were wearing blindfolds. He said he would have sex with these girls. He said one time this woman pulled off the blindfold and a midget came out from behind a wall and told them to put it back on. Rick kept saying the S-word during the interview so the delay kept getting hit.

Rick claims that he worked for a Jewish Mafia when he was into all of this stuff. Howard wondered what he had to do for them. Rick said there was drug dealing going on and they were in with the Columbians and helped smuggle drugs. He said he was an idiot because he would just put it in his pillow. Howard thought they were pretty fascinating stories. They wondered when he last did a guy. Artie said it was probably when he last did heroin which was between 18 and 20 years ago according to Rick. Rick said he used to fake crying with dudes to get stuff out of them.

Gary came in and asked Rick about this girl who died when she was doing drugs with him. Rick said he was supposed to dump her in a river but he wasn't able to do it. Howard wanted to get more info out of him but he couldn't name names. He said that this woman overdosed on drugs and died. He's not even sure what happened to her body after she passed away. Robin thought it was funny he got into comedy after having all of that stuff happen to him. Howard thought it would be quite a pre-interview if he ever went on The Tonight Show.

Rick said his mother doesn't believe any of this stuff so Howard told him how his mother doesn't even believe that he ever smoked pot. Artie said his mother bailed him out of jail once and won't even admit that he was ever in jail. Rick says that he is only with women now and he's ravenous with them. He told a couple of funny stories about being interviewed for jobs where he thought about telling them about his many experiences but thought better of it. A caller told Rick that his stories are funny and they should create a sitcom around them.

Howard wanted to get into the news after that but Robin was wondering how he got off the drugs after going through all of that stuff. Rick said that he used to walk around talking to himself on the street and ended up going away to some mental institutions. There was a lot of delay hits going on as Howard started the news. They tried to play one of Richard Christy's song parodies about Robin's breasts but the delay was hit at least 3 times during that bit. You can find out more about Rick at PoCreations.com

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