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Artist Bio

The work of SPo, both paintings and photography, is as captivating in its whimsy, as it is in its intellect. 

Steve, a self-taught outsider artist, captures the essence of childhood with bright, contrasting colors and bold, innovative brush technique.
He also combines samplings of collage and relief sculpture on the canvas to enhance the visual impact of his work. 

Steve's canvases pop. They entice the viewer with strong color and graphics and then persuade the viewer to linger by revealing an endless array of cartoonish characters and scenes throughout the composition. Polatnick's work truly raises the spirit as well as the senses.
   ~ Jennifer Bauser

Artist Statement: "I would like to live in a world that buys art like this" ~SPo

Steve Polatnick

PoCreations Steve Polatnick 2001-2010